Tuesday, May 4, 2010

TV: Weekly Musings

Lost: Richard Alpert story repeat. Really? Bah.

Idol: Sioban Magnus goes. Just proof that the voting audience is dominated by girls voting for guys. When was the last time we had a girl winner? Jordin Sparks? Next on the chopping block, Aaron or Big Mike. Maybe Casey.

Flash Forward: The first half was so uncharacteristic of Janice's strong character so I'm glad the second half... or actually the ending straightened it out. And why is Mark being so stupid? "They called me to say they lost the blueprints." "He showed up because he can't find the blueprints." 2+2=??

Fringe: Filler episode... nice singing by Broyles.

Stargate Universe: Now it's the Oceanic 3. So you think they are going to get alien snatched again and held hostage during the space fight?

The Ultimate Fighter: Yes... team Lidell. Although both fighters seemed to gas so easily. What is it with these guys... don't they train for 3 rounds of fighting?

Mosley vs. Mayweather: I am reminded why MMA is so much better. 12 rounds of punch and grab... bleh. Bring on Pacqiao already... although I'm suspicious why he won't submit to blood/urine tests.

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