Tuesday, May 11, 2010

UFC 113: Shogun > Karate, Daley is a punk, Kimbo sliced.

Is the 205lb title the hardest to keep? Since Chuck had it in 2007, no other fighter has been able to defend it more than once and we've had 5 different champs since then.

Maybe the Spider should move up if he's so bored with the Middleweight field.

Good fight and a definitive winner... Shogun has proven that he's finally adjusted to the UFC after his rocky start.

Paul Daley? Like Ref Miragliotta said... "You've got to be kidding me". What the heck was he thinking? "Oh... I'll just pop him one and have some tea later?" (use a British accent). He may find himself back in the UFC despite Dana's comments... there is no such thing as never... and you have to admit... a Koscheck/Daley II would be a big card (if Koscheck can beat GSP... which is doubtful).

Looks like Kimbo will have to go back to YouTube. Or probably Strikeforce. I still think he's a good draw for MMA but if Meathead can handle him like he did last Saturday... he still has a way to go. He had nice takedowns but his ground defense is horrible. I don't know how many times I've seen him just sit there and get hit... Big Country knew what he was doing.

Can't wait to see Rampage/Evans... maybe they should have moved the fight back a week or two so it can coincide with the release of 'The A-Team'.. heh. Rampage should sport the mohawk for this fight. I hope he wins because although I like Evans... I like Rampage more.

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