Tuesday, May 11, 2010

TV: Weekly Musings

Lost: Didn't we all know that Smocke wanted to kill them all along? That's what he told Jacob. Not liking how the Jin/Sun death ended without a mention of their daughter. There has to be some long con going on with Smocke and Widmore (how did he know he would need the watch?). This week we will be getting some background mythology!

Idol: Sorry... not really a fan of the Sinatra week. Aaron goes and this week it's gotta be Casey or Mike... the top two has to be Dewyze and Bowersox.

Flash Forward: Not much movement this week other than Sophia is a cheating... uh... woman. And Mark doesn't seem to notice or mind. Shouldn't there have been some security to disallow the ring from leaving the building?

Fringe: So we finally find out what we've all been thinking... the Secretary is Walternate. And it seems like he's been setting up his own task force on the other side primarily to get back Peter and to get revenge on our side of the alterverse.

Stargate Universe: Seriously? The Oceanic 3 come back because of the FTL sabotage? That's it? It would have been better for them to get captured by the Fish and then a standoff using them as hostages. Another "stone" storyline... I just hope we don't see the LaBamba/Young triangle again.

The Ultimate Fighter: Boo... that fight should have gone a 3rd round. McGee got robbed and Nick Ring doesn't look much like a number 1 pick. I've got a UFC 113 recap here too.

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