Sunday, December 25, 2011

Netflix problems on your Nintendo 3DS?

For anyone who got one under a tree today for themselves or a munchkin... you may have experienced the following error code:

Error Code: 006-0803

Googling around, people are saying because of Christmas, that the servers are overloaded and that is the cause. I'm not too sure because I was able to get Netflix to work on one 3DS but got that error on another.

The only difference was I set up Parental Controls on the 2nd one. So when I removed them, guess what... I was able to start Netflix.

Initially, I just put Parental Controls on 3D image viewing so I just removed that but I got a different error code. When I removed ALL settings... it worked.

Not sure if that's a coincidence but you might want to try that to see if it helps you out... good luck and Happy Holidays.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Netbooks No More?

Has anyone noticed fewer and fewer netbooks at your local computer store?

At Best Buy, there was once an entire row dedicated to netbooks... now I can only find 3 of them tucked away in a corner. Where they used to be are not one... but FOUR rows of e-readers and tablets.

As I said in a previous article,, I think netbooks are going to be replaced by tablets or ultrabooks. With tablets trending down in prices (less than $200) and people wanting more power out of a netbook (ala an ultrabook), I just don't see that category lasting very long. I'm sure there will still be people who want a 10" notebook... but that type of product may just get absorbed into the ultrabook fold.

Even Dell has cut their consumer line of netbooks:

Oh well... it was a good... uh... 4 years (wow... it's been that long?) but you can blame Apple and Intel for your demise.

RIP Netbooks.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Unboxing the Toshiba Portege Z830/Z835 Ultrabook

Update: The Z835 is on sale at Best Buy right now for only $699 (12/11-12/17).

So I finally caved in and got an ultrabook.

I really wanted to get the Asus UX31 because of the 1600x900 resolution but there have been too many reports of issues with the first iteration of it ( It also does not have backlit keyboard and I'm not a fan of their keyboard layout.

I've always favored the Toshiba Portege Z830 series because of the two things I mentioned the Asus was lacking and also the number of ports it has:
  • Three USB ports (one 3.0) whereas most others have only two.
  • Full size network 10/100/1gb port
  • SD card slot
  • Full size HDMI
  • Full size VGA port (I believe it's the only ultrabook to have one)
At $899, which was the original MSRP, this was a good deal, but when the Z835 came out as a Best Buy exclusive, the price was $799. They raised it back up to $899 last week but dropped it again this week so I had to go get one. Only one Best Buy in my area (we have 4 in the immediate area) had it in-store to see in person (which happened to be one of the farthest away from me). The other good thing is because Best Buy no longer has their 15% stocking fee and are doing extended returns until January 24, I can really give this a try to see if it can replace my Macbook Air 13".

So here is my second unboxing video (the first was for the Sony VAIO SE):

The Best Buy Z835 is an i3 with 4gb RAM, 128gb SDD and 13.3" screen. The difference between this and the Z830 series is a lack of Bluetooth and a fingerprint reader, and the display only comes in TruBrite (which is a glossy screen). The Z830 series can also be configured with i5/i7 processors. And unlike the other ultrabooks, the memory is "user" upgradeable up to 6gb (2gb soldered on, one slot that can hold up to 4gb).

It's a really light and thin notebook and the build quality is great. It's not a unibody like the MacBook Air but it's more solid than the plastic-y notebooks you regularly see.

I didn't have a chance to prep it beforehand so that you can see the display and hear the sound (so no Justin Bieber for Mitlov from the forums... heh) but I'll do that on a follow-up video and compare it to the MacBook Air and also my Sony SE.

If you want to read more comments about the Z830/Z835 visit the forums: