Thursday, May 13, 2010

Apple vs. Adobe: FIGHT!

So as most people know, the iPhone and the iPad will not support Flash. Steve Jobs has gone on record saying that Apple will not support Flash due to issues such as battery drain, bugs, etc:

Adobe, of course, doesn't agree. They've even launched their own campaign which I found in our local newspaper as a full page ad starting with "We [heart] Apple". You can see that ad at C|Net:

But can you really blame Apple? Flash is not just a video streaming player, it allows you to play games or run apps on the web. Now, what is tagline for the iPhone? "We have an app for that." If you can get applications without having to go through the Apple App Store... you disrupt a major revenue (and ad) stream for Apple. It really has nothing to do with technology or performance... it just comes down to controlling what apps run where. So yes, it has something to do with "open". And mark my words, Jobs says they will be supporting HTML5 but if HTML5 gets to the point where it can run apps like Flash... I'm sure he'll issue his thoughts on that too.

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