Friday, May 28, 2010

TV: Weekly Musings

I missed my Tuesday update but most of the shows have ended, the big one being Lost.

Lost: The Tuesday show was looking good but I could tell they were running out of time to answer some of the major questions. I have two other posts about the finale and while it was emotionally satisfying, I wasn't really too happy with how they ended it. I've seen some people post alternate endings which were way better and explained the mythology a bit more.

Idol: As predicted (well... not very hard), Casey went... and even though Crystal did much better on the performance night, Lee Dewyze is the American Idol. Fox is going to have to change up the formula, with Simon gone and ratings taking a hit... how much longer can AI last?

Flash Forward: Is Benford dumb or smart? I can't tell sometimes. And he's given up on Olivia in like a few weeks? Boo... but she already gave up on him (although last week's episode looked hopeful... the previews shows she's back in the arms of Lloyd). Maybe they are all in purgatory... they should do it since they are cancelled anyways. Or make Campos and Olivia "wake up" with flashbacks of Lost (that would be awesome).

Fringe: Isn't this like the 2nd time Fringe used the "shell game" on us? I like Fauxlivia better and since she thinks her and Peter are couple... it's going to be interesting. But how long can it last? So Walter is his "own worst enemy" now (I wish they gave that show a proper ending).

Stargate Universe: Gah! LaBamba is back... and he's a traitor too. I never liked that character and so his heel turn really doesn't surprise me. I find it interesting they use McGuyver as comedic relief.

The Ultimate Fighter: Nick Ring is done. Noke should not have lost to McCray. At least Tavares makes it in and I think Tito has some apologizing to do once he reviews the replays of the headkick.

I watched an episode of Burn Notice and I might add that to my list once the season starts next month. Warehouse 13 is also starting and any other summer shows I think are interesting I'll add here too. But nothing can fill the void that Lost left... wah.

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