Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost Finale: Redemption?

So the side-verse was something like a "purgatory" or a place to resolve any regrets after you died and before you moved on (to the light or wherever). So what exactly was each character's redemption (in no particular order)?

1. Jack:
- Being able to save Locke. Because he didn't believe before and Locke died.
- Being able to have a replacement father/son relationship to make up for the one he had with his father?
- To have an amicable marriage despite a divorce with someone he had a relationship with prior (Juliet).

2. Sawyer:
- Being on the right side of the law and using his con skills for "good".
- Having a friendship with Miles.

3. Kate:
- Contending her innocence even though still on the run.
- Helping Claire with her baby because she had taken him away from her.

4. Claire:
- Keeping her baby.
- Finding a family because she felt she was alone.

5. Charlie:

6. Locke:
- Making his relationship with his father whole.
- Eventually being able to marry his fiancee
- Walking again
- Accepting fate

7. Hurley:
- Having good luck
- Using his money to help others
- Reconnecting with Libby

8. Sayid:
- Although shady, helping others improve their lives

9. Sun/Jin
- Making their relationship work
- Having their kid

10. Micheal

11. Rose/Benard

12. Desmond

13. Penny

14. Christian

15. Juliet
- See Jack

Did I miss anyone else?

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