Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another day, another iPhone leak

As reported by Engadget, it looks like TaoViet (is that Vietnamese for 'Gizmodo'?) found an iPhone prototype at a pho bar (I'm kidding about the last part):

It looks very similar to the Gizmodo prototype so this may be the actual phone that will be coming out in June/July.

Personally, I like the bevel form factor and this may actually get me on the iPhone bandwagon. While I prefer WebOS, there are only 2 phones to choose from (at least until HP can start cranking out more) and I eventually want to get an Android (although I wish the upcoming Sprint EVO 4G had an optical trackpad)... the iPhone is just too widespread to ignore. I just wish they would enable data tethering in the US (which would probably cripple AT&T even more). In just over 2 weeks... we'll see what's going to happen.

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