Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nintendo goes 3D... S, PS3 starts to Move and iPhone pre-orders are killing server farms.

At the 2nd day of E3, Nintendo's keynote introduced us to the new 3DS, with glasses-free 3D, an analog control pad and the ability to play videos:

More details at: http://e3.nintendo.com/3ds/

Sony shows us their new motion-based controller... the Move: It's kind of like an ice cream on a Wii-mote:

I wonder how this will compete with Xbox360's no-controller motion system? More info at:

And... today is iPreOrder day... but you'll have a hard time getting it online from Apple and AT&T as there have been many reports of delays, no responses etc etc. And trying to go to a local store is just as bad as AT&T has made an official announcement that they have sold out of their launch day pre-order inventory and a visit to my local Best Buy shows pre-order numbers higher than what they are rumored to get.

Must be nice to be able to print money like Steve Jobs can.

I think Verizon and Sprint should really get on HTC about not making enough EVOs and Incredibles. They have this huge demand before the next iPhone release because when it does... demand for their best phones will wane (well... the Droid X is supposed to hit before then on VZW).

Monday, June 14, 2010

Xbox 360 gets Wii-ggy with it... and PS3-slimmer too.

At the E3 Microsoft keynote, MS announced their new hardware motion control add-on, the Kinect. It's basically full-body motion (and voice) control without the need of any other controllers. Check out Engadget's liveblog (plus a video feed) because the stuff they are doing with it are beyond what the Wii has done:


Also announced, a new Xbox 360 Slim with built-in WiFi N and a 250GB hard drive:

 (photo from Engadget)

Wouldn't it be great if they put a Blu-Ray player in there?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

TV: Weekly Musings

So it's the end of the Fall season and I'll start adding some summer series (thank goodness for Cable):

Flash Forward: So predictable... of course there will another blackout right afterward. And why are the guys who planted the explosives not trying to leave (or did they not plant them?)? FF is canceled but at least this ended better than Journeyman, The Bionic Woman, Sarah Connor and My Own Worst Enemy.

Stargate Universe: Ahh... so LaBamba is a dick because he was brainwashed. And now he's going to help Young and friends? And when did McGyver get so serious? He's comic fodder one episode and then Mr. Collateral Damage the next... boo. LaBamba might die in the season finale... along with maybe a Destiny passenger. This is a very good show and I hope to see more seasons of it.

The Ultimate Fighter: Tito is out, Franklin is in. Who is the assistant coach? I'm not sure Red team's lone survivor, McCray, has what it takes. I'm not particularly impressed by any of the fighters this season... Yager was interesting but last week showed he can't take as much as he can dish. I think I'll pick Bryant over McCray and Tavares over McGee. The Tavares/McGee fight is close but I think experience will win here.

EDIT: Whoah... 0 for 2... I suck at picking winners. Bryant was too tentative and it looks like Court really wants it more. I'll pick Court for the win next Saturday... and Franklin over Lidell this Saturday.

I'm watching Burn Notice this week, maybe someone out there has some recommendations on what else to watch.


I'm a big fan of Google.

I use Google so much I would probably be out of a job and bored out of my head if they didn't exist. Google, in fact, allows me to forget everything I've ever learned because as long as I have an Internet connection, I can always find it again. I can't tell you how many times I tried to remember something (like an old TV show or some event) from many years ago and all I did was Google a few terms I could remember and BOOM... there it is.

So I've been looking into applying for a job at a local Google office because I think it would be fun to work at a place that is such a part of my life. A friend points me to a website (GlassDoor.com) that details the interview process and even provides some of the interview questions they ask. The position I'm looking for is more of a non-technical one (Mobile Product Manager) so I was surprised by one of the questions they asked:

"Describe the operation of Layer 2 (Data Link Layer) of the 7-layer ISO stack in as much detail as possible."

What?!? So we go into how we would answer such a question because obviously neither of us knows this off the top of our heads and while my friend goes into some diatribe about how this is relevant to the position he is interviewing for, my answer is simple:

I would bust out my phone and Google it.

If you were Google, would you hire me?

Monday, June 7, 2010

WWDC 2010 AKA iPhone Next!

So Apple's World Wide Developer Conference keynote is happening right now and while there will probably be some things about many of Apple's products... let's not kid ourselves here... we all want to know if the iPhone we've seen is the iPhone we will be seeing.

And it is. For live updates, check out Engadget's Live Blog:


I like the new iPhone (now known as the iPhone 4). More later.


The Apple page is up with all the info:


(Image from apple.com.... iSlobber)

Friday, June 4, 2010

EVO-lution... 4G has arrived.

So today is the day the EVO goes on sale. For those who don't know, it's the 1st 4G phone being sold in the US and is running on WiMAX on the Sprint network.


4G is supposed to be rolled out in my area by the end of the year but even that will be limited. I am tempted to get one (one of my phones is Sprint... my oh so favorite Palm Treo Pro) but after playing with the dummy model at Best Buy the last two weeks... the phone is just way too big.

But you never know... it's funny how phones used to be getting smaller... and now are getting bigger again.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

iPhone... can you hear me now?

There's always been rumors of Verizon carrying an iPhone. There are reports floating around on the web via comments by Ashok Kumar (an analyst for Rodman & Renshaw) that the manufacturer for the iPhone (Pegatron a division of Asustek... AKA ASUS) is ramping up production and is supposedly working on a CDMA version timed for a November release.

Maybe we'll find out at Apple's WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) on June 7. We'll also find out if the prototype that everyone's mom has their hands on is the real deal. I think it is because when I was at the Apple store last weekend playing around with the iPad... the form is almost the same with that squared out bevel edge instead of the tapered one.... we'll see.

One thing about iPhone on Verizon is how will they handle voice/data at the same time (which is part of the AT&T counter on VZW's "better 3G network" campaign). Rumor is the iPhone will work on LTE, the 4G option that VZW is going... but that's also a stretch (but with the EVO coming out on Sprint's 4G network... Apple has to start looking to keeping up with Android).