Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Overhyped products of 2010?

ZDNet had an interesting article:


5. iPad
4. Kinect
3. Galaxy Tab
2. Google TV
1. 3DTV

I can sort of agree about the iPad... there is a lot of hype... but it does what it says it does and most people are happy with it.

I don't understand the Kinect entry. It does what it says and in fact, I think it's the best motion system out right now. It's sort of what Wii did to console gaming... Kinect is doing to motion gaming... making it easier for anyone to play. Since I have 2 PS3s and a Wii... the last thing I wanted to do was buy an Xbox.... but the Kinect made it hard not to... and now we have 2 TVs in our family room.... one is dedicated to the Kinect.

I don't really think the Galaxy Tab is overhyped... just overpriced. It's running an open source OS, is only a 7" screen and it cost MORE than an Apple product? Since when does Apple become the more economical buy?

Considering GoogleTV just came out recently... how can it be overhyped.

3DTV definitely belongs at the top of the list. I don't think I'll ever get one until they can do it without the glasses.

Some of the comments argue that Windows Phone 7 should be on that list... and that might be true. But after playing with it this past weekend, it's actually a slick mobile OS. But like RIM, playing catchup with iOS and Android is going to be tough.

The Droid Pro is almost like my dream phone, they just need to add the optical pad on there and put it on Sprint. I really want to get an Android phone, I just don't like the ones out right now... I'll take an Incredible if it was on Sprint.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Time flies...

... when you don't update your blog.

Like I've said previously... it's hard to keep updating when you're lazy. And now with the holidays coming up (does Christmas start BEFORE Halloween now?)... it's going to be harder.

1. UFC 123 was decent. I don't know why people keep thinking the Rampage/Machida match decision was controversial. It wasn't close. For a bad decision, go watch the first Machida/Rua fight... or even worse the Forrest/Rampage fight. Even though Penn knocked Hughes out quickly... I don't think he's big enough for 170. I do think Hughes should consider retiring, like Lidell... he's getting knocked out way too easily.

2. The Ultimate Fighter is interesting this season but where I used to have some respect for Koscheck... I've lost it all during this season. He's just a bully and based on his trash talking... I can see why Paul Daley reacted the way he did after their fight. I don't condone it... one should never fight after the bell... but I sort of understand it. I think it's going to be Brookins or Michael Johnson to win this season. But I can't wait to see GSP own Koscheck... looking forward to that.

1. The MacBook Airs came out and they are really nice. They have to be seen in person to be fully appreciated but it's amazing what Apple can do with Intel parts yet other PC makers can't. It's just too bad they removed the keyboard backlighting as I would have probably picked up either the 11 or 13 inch.

2. Still haven't found Biggie or Smalls. I thought the Envy-14 would work but they don't have the 1600x900 screen option anymore. The Toshiba 7xx Portege is okay... but I've added backlit keyboards to my list of must haves. I tried an old Latitude since it's the only one that supports 1920x1200 but it was too big. I really hate the new 1920x1080 (Full HD or 1080p) resolution but that's what all the notebooks with high res display have moved to. Maybe Dell will make a new Adamo with that resolution.

3. Dell is coming out with a convertible, called the Inspiron Duo. It's an 11" netbook form factor (10" screen) that flips and becomes a tablet. You can pre-order at the Microsoft online store or Dell within a few weeks.

1. Still resisting the iPad. I really do wish they made a 7" version, but Jobs has said no to that form factor. We'll see what the iPad 2 looks like next year.

2. The Android pads are slowly leaking out with the Samsung Galaxy Tab getting the most press. It's a 7 incher but it's way too expensive if you ask me, more than the iPad. There are other lower brand name pads like the Huewei, Velocity Cruz, Pandigital, Archos and others... but are all older Android versions and may not have Market capability.

3. RIM (Blackberry) is coming out with the PlayBook... but with them losing market share in the smartphone market... it's going to be a hard sell.

4. HP release the Slate running Win7 for corporate and is backordered... but everyone still wants them to come out with a WebOS pad.

1. Tons of Android phones still hitting the market with more on the way in the next few months. Nothing really has impressed me. It would nice to see an Incredible-like phone hit more carriers... but that's why Verizon gets the exlusives.

2. Windows Phone 7 came out. Did anyone notice? I haven't even played with one yet... it just hasn't been compelling enough for me to take the time to do so. I wonder if most people feel like that too?

3. Seems like Verizon will be getting their iPhone. I wonder if it will have a redesigned antennae and if it will be LTE only (so they can do the simultaneous voice/data like AT&T)?

4. If you haven't downloaded VLC Player for the iPhone/iPad, you should. Makes loading/playing videos on the iDevices so much easier... no conversions and it plays almost all formats.

1. Stargate Universe is one of the best sci-fi shows out right now.

2. I'm still giving The Event a chance but it's losing steam... good thing Fringe has sort of filled my Lost void.

3. Started watching Nikita, having watched Salt recently... I actually like this show. It doesn't hurt that Maggie Q is the lead.

4. Not watching Survivor or Amazing Race anymore... not enough time and it makes me sad because I still like to watch those reality-type shows but it's hard to just drop in the middle not knowing their background.

5. Tried to start No Ordinary Family... but haven't got past the pilot. Maybe The Cape will fare better (which reminds me... I don't even watch Smallville anymore).