Tuesday, May 18, 2010

TV: Weekly Musings

Lost: Historical mythology episode! Great... more answers... but more questions too. The one thing that I'm wondering about is the true identity of Smokey. We always knew he was the Man in Black... but now... is the Man in Black really Jacob's brother or just using his identity like he now uses Locke's. I'm not sure he is actually the MIB... but just accesses his memories like he did with Locke. Jacob doesn't seem to treat him like his brother in all the other flashbacks and his brother never wanted to kill him.

Idol: Big Mike goes... which is a shame because he seems like a more current Ruben Studdard. He's got more range at least. This week... probably Casey... Dewyze and Crystal have to be top 2.

Flash Forward: The double-agent gig is over. Is it just me or did they catch the "Big Guy" way to easily? We just get introduced to him and *bam* Benford is throwing on the cuffs. Bah... sometimes this show goes too fast... sometimes too slow. And Demitri... Janice is not into guys... give it up already.

Fringe: Great episode... although cheesy Deus Ex Machina with the Children of the Corn-err-Cortexiphan. Seems like Walternate really doesn't care about Peter... he just wants to make the Big Boom Boom machine work. They should have used Mark Valley as the BF for Altlivia... would have been more impactful.

Stargate Universe: Psychological dysfunction episode. So now we know what some of the characters phobias are. Let's get back to new worlds and alien chasing!

The Ultimate Fighter: Leonidus loses but at least he's not a pushover like they thought. So this week Nick Ring is probably going to be out due to that knee problem... they should have another wildcard fight for his spot.

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