Wednesday, November 28, 2012

TV Musings

It's been a while but I might as well go over what I'm currently watching now:

Network TV

Another JJ Abrams "Am I only going to last one season?" show. I like the premise but there are too many plot holes and questions.

All I can say is Lucy Lu. But... the Sherlock by Johnny Miller (aka ex Mr. Angelie Jolie) is pretty good and it provides a twist to your crime drama.

Big Bang Theory:
Never watched this before but finally watched all the previous seasons over the last few months... basically Friends for Nerds.

Less high schoolish now.

Weird that they are Division now.

Didn't start watching it until I read it had good reviews on I actually think it's pretty good.

Modern Family:
Still very funny.

It's different to watch Future Fringe.


The Walking Dead:
Good episodes this season.

More unbelievable in its second season.

Another one I never watched but caught up on this year.

The Ultimate Fighter:
Not that many standouts this season.

On hiatus: Alphas and Warehouse 13.

I miss Eureka.

I want to check out Last Resort, but it's going to be cancelled, at least they said it will have a definitive ending.