Monday, March 24, 2014

Batman's Cowl

I don't know why I keep thinking about this but I do hope that in the next iteration of Batman on film, they fix his cowl. What do I mean? Well... I don't really like that open eyeholes version where the actor has to wear black makeup. I would prefer something like they did in The Dark Knight with the sonic eyes version of the cowl:

To me, that's a more realistic version of the BatCowl as the covered eyepieces do quite a few things:

1. Conceal's Bruce's identity: The eyes are actually one of best ways to figure out who someone is. It's the same reason why Spiderman uses reflective eyepieces over his mask.

2. Protects Batman's eyes: If I were a villain, I would use a 3 Stooges eyepoke to take Batman out.

3. Can provide technological functionality: Much like the sonar eyes, you can use the eyepieces as a Heads Up Display (HUD) like Iron Man. Or you can enable night vision or infrared vision.

4. Looks more menacing: For criminals, I think that white empty eye look would strike more fear than just a lispy "I'm Batman!". Think Darth Vader.

I understand that for film, people want to see the actor's face to get a better portrayal of their emotions, that's why Spidey gets his mask ripped off (like in every movie) and Iron Man always shows an internal view of Stark's face in the armor but they could do a similar thing for Bats. Heck, I would even go as far as making the cowl more of a helmet so that Bats can even seal it to prevent being exposed to gas etc etc (and even the suit more like armor but that's another time).

And this would actually also allow for the cowl to be worn by several people to throw off suspicion or in the case where Bruce is incapacitated (in the old TV show, did Alfred wear the suit one time?).


Monday, March 3, 2014

My 2014 TV Watch List

So this is what I'm watching this season:

The Blacklist (just started): Spader eats this series up but I do like the different subplots brewing
Revolution: I think I'm the only one who watches this show, funny how Charlie went from nice girl to bad girl
Arrow: If you haven't watched this, you should.
The Tomorrow People: Arrow's cousin, reminds me of the movies Push and Jumper
The Vampire Diaries: Yeah I know, but if you can get past the romantic drama stuff, it's pretty good.
The Originals: Ditto above
The Walking Dead: Who doesn't watch this show?
Justified: Modern Western
Banshee: Justified on PEDs. Lots of violence (and sex) so be warned.
Agents of SHIELD: Have heard bad things about this but finally DVR binged and I really like it
Helix: Another SyFy show that will probably only last one season
Modern Family, Big Bang Theory and Brooklyn 99: Have to have some sitcoms on here
American Idol and The Voice: Just like sitcoms, need to round out with reality shows.
NBA and UFC are my sports shows
HGTV: Renovation Realities, Love It or List It (and Too), House Hunters, Property Bros and Buying and Selling
Food Network: Chopped and Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

What I haven't watched in a long time is The Amazing Race and Survivor. Might start again but just don't have the time. Most of the stuff I watch is DVRed and I watch it late at night or on the weekends, the sports, HGTV and Food Network are on outside of primetime like when we are eating or nothing else is on.

Is that list a nerdy list?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Tweeting vs. Blogging

As I've mentioned before, it's really hard to blog constantly.

It takes effort, organization and more importantly... time.

Really interesting blog posts can be all text but others rely on images and videos to get your point across and then you have to find and post those things.

Twitter... or microblogging... seems to be suited to the casual blogger like myself. Short posts about different things, and at most times, responses to those you follow.

I don't think I'm tweeting right, but it's not like I have followers, here or there. A long time ago, when I used to do notebook reviews, it was easy to get views. Now, with so much out there, I'll be lucky if one person responds to a blog post. I've actually got more responses on Twitter than on this blog.

And then again, most of my online interaction is in different forums/message boards. I don't do Facebook because I prefer the anonymity that blogs, forums and Twitter affords me.

So I added a Follow gadget here... not like it will get me any followers but moreso that anyone who does come here will know where I went. Heh.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Getting my iPhone 5s today (I hope)

So usually I just order through after previous years of either waiting at an Apple store, preordering from Best Buy only to not get it until 3 weeks after release or jumping hoops trying to order online through my wireless carrier.

I was planning to use Apple's website but I didn't want them to ship it to my house because last year when I did that, I had to go home and wait for the FedEx guy. By accident, I went to BestBuy's site and they were allowing me to order an iPhone 5s and pickup in-store today. What? Too good to be true? And it was only 11:15pm at night. I placed the order anways and although I got confirmation of the order, I hadn't received a confirmation that I could pick it up and the order email said it might be today or after.

I wake up in the morning, and I get an email saying that I can pick it up but I should make an appointment. I also read a C|Net article this morning that said Best Buy opened up orders an hour early so that's why I was able to place mine. I called my BB at 10am when they opened and made an appointment to pick it up today.

Was it really that easy? Online ordering, no waiting in line, release day acquisition and on top of all that, Best Buy points for the purchase? We'll see... on my way to the store now.

Oh... and I think it's crazy that Apple can just refresh a phone, release a different color and sell out within hours. Who else can do that? Insane.

Friday, August 23, 2013


So we now know who will play Batman in the upcoming tentatively titled 2015 Batman vs. Superman movie... none other than Mr. Argogeddon himself... Ben Affleck.

My first reaction was... WHAT?!?

But I'm actually okay with it. At least he's tall (6'4") and I do think he can pull off a charming Bruce Wayne. I'm concerned about his physical build and although I've seen pictures from The Town I just don't think he's ripped or big enough to pull it off. I guess that's fine since he will usually be in-suit which can make him look bigger than he is.

From the beginning, I've always said that it really doesn't matter who they recast as Batman, the film will do well on two points:

1. It's Batman.
2. It's Superman too.

So regardless, I still think it will be a $1bil film (I have a standing ScreenRant bet with a Patrick Bayard) despite the large internet backlash ( at the casting of Daredevil in the cowl.

I'm actually going to rewatch Daredevil and finally watch The Town to see if Batfleck will work.

So does that mean in some future film we may see Matt Damon as Robin (#RoBourne) and Jennifer Gardner as Catwoman? Maybe Jay and Silent Bob can have a cameo.


Saw Daredevil, The Director's Cut... not bad. He should just stay away from romantic scenes.

Great picture on this Tumblr account:

Friday, August 2, 2013

Batman vs. Superman... or whatever you want to call it

So the rumor is the title of the next Man of Steel movie will be "Batman vs. Superman".

There are various arguments about how this movie will be, who will play Batman, why does it have to be "vs.", how it's not a proper Man of Steel sequel because Batman is in it... etc etc.

My take:

1. It's Batman AND Superman, who cares what the title is.
2. It's Batman AND Superman, who cares who plays Batman.
3. It's Batman AND Superman, who cares if it's not a proper sequel. If it helps, don't think of it as a sequel, think of it has a "sidequel". Did anyone think Avengers was a sequel to Iron Man, Captain America or Thor?

If you haven't checked out, you should. Their latest Super Cafe video is hilarious:

Peace! I'm out! I'm Batman.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Who should be the next Batman?

So from Comic-Con 2013 we finally know that DC/WB is going to release a sequel to Man of Steel in 2015 but it's going to feature Batman in it too. With that, the internet is abuzz with who the new Batman should be. Of course, tons of people think it should be Christian Bale or no one else. Personally, I abhorred Bale's Batman (and esp his Wayne). ScreenRant (one of my favorite sites) posted this article:

There are currently over 600 comments on it (usually 50 or so is a busy article) and the suggestions in the comments by people just don't make sense to me.

Paul Walker: What? Bat and Burious?
Karl Urban: I'm a doctor not a vigilante!
Benedict Cumberbatch: Okay... he has the detective schtick down.
Jensen Ackles: Batnatural?

See my problem with all those people (and some of the choices by ScreenRant) is none of them are physically intimidating. To me, Bats has to be a big guy (well, not Adam West big). My choice for Bats?