Wednesday, November 28, 2012

TV Musings

It's been a while but I might as well go over what I'm currently watching now:

Network TV

Another JJ Abrams "Am I only going to last one season?" show. I like the premise but there are too many plot holes and questions.

All I can say is Lucy Lu. But... the Sherlock by Johnny Miller (aka ex Mr. Angelie Jolie) is pretty good and it provides a twist to your crime drama.

Big Bang Theory:
Never watched this before but finally watched all the previous seasons over the last few months... basically Friends for Nerds.

Less high schoolish now.

Weird that they are Division now.

Didn't start watching it until I read it had good reviews on I actually think it's pretty good.

Modern Family:
Still very funny.

It's different to watch Future Fringe.


The Walking Dead:
Good episodes this season.

More unbelievable in its second season.

Another one I never watched but caught up on this year.

The Ultimate Fighter:
Not that many standouts this season.

On hiatus: Alphas and Warehouse 13.

I miss Eureka.

I want to check out Last Resort, but it's going to be cancelled, at least they said it will have a definitive ending.

Friday, August 24, 2012

UFC 151 Cancelled

So this is how I understand it:

1. Hendo gets injured, tells UFC yesterday and pulls out.

2. Dana tries to get Machida as a replacement but can't.

3. Dana White talks to Chael Sonnen who agrees to fight Bones in 8 days.

4. Dana White tells Bones, who consults with his coaches, and turns it down because 8 days is not enough time to train for a new opponent.

5. Dana and friends cancel UFC 151.

6. Dana gets Machida to agree to a fight Bones at UFC 152 on Sept 22, and Bones agrees (4 weeks is enough time).

7. Machida decides to cancel because he doesn't think 4 weeks is enough time.

8. Now Belfort will be Bones' new opponent on Sept 22.

9. But Dana blames Bones for why they had to cancel UFC 151 (and yet does not mention Machida mesing up the 152 card, who had more time to train).

And, to throw more into the drama... supposedly Hendo was injured 3 weeks ago, tried to train through it, Sonnen knew about it and that's why he was egging Bones on during that same time period.

So why does Dana blame Jon Jones? And why do people think this will hurt Jon Jones' popularity with his fans? I think Jones made the right decision... and I think Dana is getting too caught up in the hate because he had to lose money by cancelling UFC 151.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Yes... I'm alive...

I got to give it up to bloggers... being able to post daily or even weekly is a task.

I can't believe I've been so lazy I haven't even posted all of 2012.

Anyways, just wanted to post stuff that's on my mind:

1. Ultrabooks are here to stay:
The 2nd gen ones have me excited, especially the ones who got rid of that gross 1366x768 resolution and went Full HD (Asus Zenbook Prime and the yet to be released Acer Aspire S7). Speaking of Zenbooks... the UX32VD seems to be very popular, not only because of the Full HD, but because the memory and HD are upgradeable... and... it has a dedicated GPU.

2. Tablets, tablets, tablets:
Finally Google announced the Nexus 7. Great that it's $199... bad that is has no microSD slot. The highest memory model is 16GB which is not a lot, and the 8GB entry level one only has about 5.9GB of space after the OS and things... booooo. I wonder if the rumors of the iPad mini are true.

3. Samsung vs. Apple:
Seems like these two are battling it out in the smartphone arena. Played with the Galaxy S III and it is an amazing piece of hardware... I will probably end up getting one. The Note is also popular and something I am considering instead of a tablet (yes... even a 7" seems big). But... the Note II is coming out and rumor is it will be releasing early, in September, to battle the iPhone 5 that is going to be out in October. Whether you like Apple or not... the iPhone 5 is going to sell like bonkers... whether they update it or not.

4. Biggie no more?
While I finally found a replacement for Biggie, my old Dell Inspiron 8000, a Sony SE 15.5... I find that I don't use it as much as my Toshiba z835 or my MBA. So I may just go all ultrabook all the time. I haven't even touched an optical disk in forever.

Maybe I'll post again before 2013.