Monday, April 12, 2010

UFC 112 Not So Invincible

The non-title fights were better than the co-main events.

Mark Munoz's defeat of Kendall Grove was amazing because he looked like he was almost done in round 1. I find it strange that Grove was unable to stop his ground and pound considering how good is guard and ground game is. I've watched Munoz since he was fighting in the WEC and has always been known for his power so maybe that was the deciding factor in the Grove fight.

In the Hughes/Gracie fight, it looked like Gracie just gave up at the end. Maybe those kicks did take a toll on his leg but it just seemed like he fell down on purpose.

The BJ/Edgar fight was strange. It didn't seem like BJ was his normal self and maybe he underestimated the smaller fighter. There really wasn't much excitement and the only notable moments were when Edgar took BJ down who hasn't been taken down for 6 years according to the announcers.
Update: According to Cage Potato, BJ Penn's trainer said BJ was fighting a sinus infection. Makes sense and they are looking for a rematch.

Even stranger yet... the Silva/Maia fight. It was kind of fun to see Silva showboating (he does this in a bit in many of his fights) but it got to the point where it was almost embarrassing (the announcers seemed to feel that way too). Then halfway through the fight, Silva stops looking for the win and basically avoid damage the rest of the way. In the post-fight interview, Silva explained that he realized that Maia had more striking power than he had thought and that's why he became more careful. It sounds to me like he got tired, started to realize the showboating wasn't very proper and just wanted to make sure he didn't get hurt. In the end, he seemed very apologetic to both Maia and the crowd but he also look annoyed because he was getting booed so much. We'll see if a GSP/Silva fight every materializes because I would like to see if Silva's takedown defense (and ground game) can match up to Pierre's relentless ground pursuit.
Update: If you search YouTube you will find video interviews of UFC Prez Dana White where he is quite upset at Silva. We'll see how this shakes out.

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