Monday, April 12, 2010

Palm: Five Finger Discount?

So the household name when it came to PDAs is in trouble. Although their future looked promising with the release of the Palm Pre (and Pixi) and their new WebOS... they aren't doing as well as they hoped. According to Bloomberg, they are taking bids and are being looked at by hardware makers HTC and Lenovo.

I really like WebOS and I think Palm messed up by trying to do the Apple route of controlling both the OS and the hardware. They should have been like Android and let other makers build phones so that they could get saturation at multiple mobile companies. Unlike Apple, Palm doesn't have the customer base or retail presence do pull an iPhone-type strategy and if they had partnered up with HTC, Samsung and others, they would probably be fighting it out with Android rather than performing worse than Windows Mobile.

We'll see what happens. If HTC does buy them, I think things will get very interesting in the mobile space.

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