Tuesday, April 27, 2010

TV: Weekly Musings

Lost: More of a go-nowhere episode for me. Seems like they have a lot of questions to answer in only 4 more episodes.

Idol: As predicted last week, Tim Urban finally exits. This week, probably the young kid but Casey and Mike are also vulnerable depending on their performance.

Flash Forward: Demitri lives and they kill off the guy with all the answers. I'm not sure if I'm liking this show anymore.

Fringe: Peter finally knows. But who is the Secretary? Walternate? Willternate? Or the best loop of all... Walternate's wife Elizabeth since she witnessed Peter's abduction.

Stargate Universe: Stranded and Rush becomes more likable. I'm sure they'll use a Stargate to get the Oceanic 4 back.

The Ultimate Fighter: Boo... Tito gets a win. Yaeger has an awesome strking game but we'll see if he can handle someone who can get him to the ground. I don't know what Lidell was thinking putting a short stocky fighter against him.

WEC 48: I'm actually surprised Dan Brown lost to Manny so quickly... weird. Ben Henderson pwns. It looks like Uriah Faber's days of dominance are over, two title shots and both losses. Weird to see WEC being called by Goldberg and Rogan.

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