Friday, April 9, 2010

I really want to hate the iPad...

... but I actually played with one at Best Buy yesterday and it's hard not to like it.

When they initially announced it, I laughed because it just seemed like an oversized iPhone. And then when they said it would not support multi-tasking (that has changed with the release of the new OS), doesn't have a camera and has no USB ports... it became less of a sell for me.

But once you hold one of these things and surf the web, play games or just use any of the apps... you realize how useful it can be and why there are so many people going Lady GaGa over it. The price point is the main barrier for me and I doubt I will actually ever buy one but my opinion on its utility has changed and seeing how it's constructed (along with their notebooks) makes me wonder why PC manufacturers are so behind the curve when it comes to designing consumer products like these. Maybe if they come out with an iPad Nano (rumors abound), I may revisit the iPad.

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