Monday, April 19, 2010

TV: Weekly Musings

Lost: Hurley taking charge! Ilana's death... what a waste but we saw it coming. Is Smocke afraid of Hume (bruthah)?

Idol: Bye-bye to YouTube sensation Garcia (he should have stuck to acoustic redux) and mature beyond her years Katie(?). I hope Tim Urban or the young kid gets the boot next.

Flash Forward: I hate how they are doing the whole relationship thing with Olivia and Simcoe. So stupid how they are now in love... dumb dumb dumb! Janice as the mole the previous week was a huge twist but what is her motivation and are the guys who shot her actually part of her alliance? Will Demitri make it past March 15? If he does, how will he explain his kid with a traitor to his fiance?

Fringe: Robocop does time travel! This show is way more awesome than X-Files. I still think that there is some connection between Walter Bishop and William Bell (both WB) that we don't know yet.

Stargate Universe: A sun and planet out of nowhere? So did anyone stay on the Genesis planet? That new scientist that just appeared this season? And are they done with the stones and the LaBamba storyline with Colonel Young's wife?

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