Friday, April 9, 2010

What do big nerds watch on TV?

What I am following currently:
  • Lost (wish this wasn't the last season)
  • Flash Forward (almost like time travelling)
  • Fringe (alternate universe!)
  • American Idol (yeah... so I like music)
  • Stargate Universe (almost like BSG but without the Cylons)
  • The Ultimate Fighter (big UFC and MMA fan)
  • Warehouse 13 (when it starts up again)
  • UFC/MMA shows/events

What I wish I had more time to watch:

  • 24 (last season and I still haven't finished the other one)
  • Smallville (only saw one ep this season, the Justice Society one)
  • Survivor (I am now two seasons behind)
  • Amazing Race (also two seasons behind)

What I casually tune into:
  • HGTV shows (House Hunter, My First Place etc etc)
  • Food Network (any show makes me hungry)
  • Celebrity Apprentice (Goldberg?!?)
  • Minute to Win It (it's like Millionaire but you don't need to know anything)
What I wish I could stay up to watch every night:
  •  The Late Late Show (Craig Ferguson is hilarious)

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