Friday, April 9, 2010

Just like my pizza... I want it thin: LED TVs

I really want one of those new super-slim LED TVs. Not only because they save energy but they are so thin and will look awesome on my wall (even if I'm the only one who sees it).

I was only looking at two, the new Sony EX700 or the new Samsung 6300 (both are 46"). When buying LCDs, the rule that I always followed was to buy one of the 3 S's, Sony, Samsung or Sharp. I can see the case for Sony and Samsung (those usually being the ones that were the most expensive) but not so much with Sharp. What I like more about the Sony than the Sammy is at that price point, it includes the Internet connectivity (if you buy it at Costco, you even get a USB WiFi module) and it also has TV Guide service (I don't have a cable box for all my TVs). It also interfaces with my PS3 and therefore my Sony remote can control the video viewing functions of my PS3.

But recently, a non-S has caught my attention, the LG. What is unique about their LED TVs is their new seamless bezel design. Instead of having the usual border, it's one piece of glass and the effect is nice. The other thing is price, recently, at Fry's, I saw one of the older models the SL90 (a 47") for less than $1100. The Sony and the Sammy hover around $1500 so that difference in price is pretty significant. The older model doesn't have the web connectivity but I think their newer model does for the same price point as the Sony.

My only problem is where would I put it? I have a 52" Sharp and a 46" Sony so I need to either move one or figure out what to do with the 36" tube clunker I have. A quality LED set for less than $1100 is very enticing.

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