Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Getting the scoop on the next iPhone may lead to requiring a jailbreak.

So if you live in a cave, you may not know that the Gizmodo editor who broke the news on the next iPhone had his house raided last Friday.

All the details (from a Gizmodo point of view) are here:


It will be interesting to see how this resolves as there are good points on both sides of the case but Giz is going to have a hard time explaining paying $5000 for property that was not the seller's. Appled should call it the iPhone 5G (heh).

And Scott Adams jumped into it a bit with a Dilbert comic that will never see newpaper print:

You can read more about this on his blog:


I'm a bit apathetic to both sides as they are both getting tons of free advertising from it and in the end, it's not going to stop anyone from buying the next generation iPhone in millions. Whether you like it or not, the iPhone has entrenched itself into technology culture... it's amazing that someone could come this late into the game and dominate like they have.

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