Monday, March 3, 2014

My 2014 TV Watch List

So this is what I'm watching this season:

The Blacklist (just started): Spader eats this series up but I do like the different subplots brewing
Revolution: I think I'm the only one who watches this show, funny how Charlie went from nice girl to bad girl
Arrow: If you haven't watched this, you should.
The Tomorrow People: Arrow's cousin, reminds me of the movies Push and Jumper
The Vampire Diaries: Yeah I know, but if you can get past the romantic drama stuff, it's pretty good.
The Originals: Ditto above
The Walking Dead: Who doesn't watch this show?
Justified: Modern Western
Banshee: Justified on PEDs. Lots of violence (and sex) so be warned.
Agents of SHIELD: Have heard bad things about this but finally DVR binged and I really like it
Helix: Another SyFy show that will probably only last one season
Modern Family, Big Bang Theory and Brooklyn 99: Have to have some sitcoms on here
American Idol and The Voice: Just like sitcoms, need to round out with reality shows.
NBA and UFC are my sports shows
HGTV: Renovation Realities, Love It or List It (and Too), House Hunters, Property Bros and Buying and Selling
Food Network: Chopped and Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

What I haven't watched in a long time is The Amazing Race and Survivor. Might start again but just don't have the time. Most of the stuff I watch is DVRed and I watch it late at night or on the weekends, the sports, HGTV and Food Network are on outside of primetime like when we are eating or nothing else is on.

Is that list a nerdy list?

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