Friday, September 20, 2013

Getting my iPhone 5s today (I hope)

So usually I just order through after previous years of either waiting at an Apple store, preordering from Best Buy only to not get it until 3 weeks after release or jumping hoops trying to order online through my wireless carrier.

I was planning to use Apple's website but I didn't want them to ship it to my house because last year when I did that, I had to go home and wait for the FedEx guy. By accident, I went to BestBuy's site and they were allowing me to order an iPhone 5s and pickup in-store today. What? Too good to be true? And it was only 11:15pm at night. I placed the order anways and although I got confirmation of the order, I hadn't received a confirmation that I could pick it up and the order email said it might be today or after.

I wake up in the morning, and I get an email saying that I can pick it up but I should make an appointment. I also read a C|Net article this morning that said Best Buy opened up orders an hour early so that's why I was able to place mine. I called my BB at 10am when they opened and made an appointment to pick it up today.

Was it really that easy? Online ordering, no waiting in line, release day acquisition and on top of all that, Best Buy points for the purchase? We'll see... on my way to the store now.

Oh... and I think it's crazy that Apple can just refresh a phone, release a different color and sell out within hours. Who else can do that? Insane.

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