Friday, August 23, 2013


So we now know who will play Batman in the upcoming tentatively titled 2015 Batman vs. Superman movie... none other than Mr. Argogeddon himself... Ben Affleck.

My first reaction was... WHAT?!?

But I'm actually okay with it. At least he's tall (6'4") and I do think he can pull off a charming Bruce Wayne. I'm concerned about his physical build and although I've seen pictures from The Town I just don't think he's ripped or big enough to pull it off. I guess that's fine since he will usually be in-suit which can make him look bigger than he is.

From the beginning, I've always said that it really doesn't matter who they recast as Batman, the film will do well on two points:

1. It's Batman.
2. It's Superman too.

So regardless, I still think it will be a $1bil film (I have a standing ScreenRant bet with a Patrick Bayard) despite the large internet backlash ( at the casting of Daredevil in the cowl.

I'm actually going to rewatch Daredevil and finally watch The Town to see if Batfleck will work.

So does that mean in some future film we may see Matt Damon as Robin (#RoBourne) and Jennifer Gardner as Catwoman? Maybe Jay and Silent Bob can have a cameo.


Saw Daredevil, The Director's Cut... not bad. He should just stay away from romantic scenes.

Great picture on this Tumblr account:

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