Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Person of Interest Season 2 Finale - God Mode

I didn't really get into Person of Interest until recently. I saw a couple episodes of Season 1 but really wasn't sure if it was good or not.

After reading different sites comparing it to Batman (and the fact that a Nolan was attached) made me look harder. Season 1 started off a bit slow but as it progressed, the overall arc of HR, Elias, the Project/Control and the mythology of the Machine got me more interested than the POI of the week.

It was good to Lost alums Ken Leung (Miles) as a recurring character and how it lightened up in later episodes. The addition of a Reese-like female and a Finch-like female made it more intriguing.

I'm not going to recap the finale as many more sites have done so but I do have a few questions that remain to be answered (spoiler alert):

1. So when did the "numbers notification" change from SMS to the Dewey Decimal System that Finch now uses? It reverted back to SMS when Finch was in Admin mode for that 24 hour period.

2. The ending made it seem like Root was still considered an Admin, does that mean that Reese still is too?

3. Does the Reese/Finch conversation about the Jessica (the ex-GF who was killed by her abusive husband) signify that Finch will re-contact Grace?

4. Why did they leave Root alive considering how dangerous she could be, not only to the Machine but now to Finch since she knows about Grace?

5. Why leave any of the Control operatives alive now that they knew about the existence of Finch? I would think Shaw would have wanted to terminate Hersch just for him trying to kill her earlier.

6. So now will Reese get real-time data from the Machine to expedite saving non-relevants faster? Like shooting angles in that first POI they saved in the storage unit?

I do like how they answered many questions, but still left it open enough to have mysteries left for the following seasons. You can actually have it end after this season and it would be complete, maybe giving the writers an out in case of no renewal for Season 3 or a rescission of that renewal.

We'll see what Season 3 brings, maybe more Lost alumni (it would be nice to see Hurley, Locke or Sawyer again).

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