Tuesday, April 23, 2013

NBA on TNT... why the Clipper hate?

The guys on TNT are very entertaining (especially now that they added Shaq)... but I often disagree with their analysis, especially Chuck's opinion of the Clippers (although I will admit I'm biased).

Last night's comments of the Grizz/Clips Game 2 is a good example. Chuck was going on about how they can't lean on CP3 every game and that for a series he won't be making those shots all the time... without realizing that wasn't the case during Game 1. He kept going on about having a 12 point lead and then blowing it as if they were the only team that has done that. And in his "breakdown" of what was wrong with the Clips' offense, he failed to notice that the Grizzlies weren't much better.

Did he notice that Conley was scoring or responsible for all of their points near the end? That as much as the Clips weren't changing their gameplan (going with CP3), neither with the Grizz (going with Conley). Or did he note that CP3 wouldn't be taking all those shots if he didn't need to, if a man opened up, he would hit him but since the Grizz were sticking to man-to-man, CP3 took the highest percentage play, scored on his defender. He kept talking about how the Clips were standing around... but think about the offense. CP3 with the ball at the top, send a player to screen, if the defenders don't pick up properly, run the pick and roll and dump for an easy bucket, pop a shot jumper or drive... and on the drive, if he's collapsed on, kick it to the players standing on the outside for an open jumper. They really can't cut because if they do, they bring their defenders to CP3, they are staying outside for a REASON.

And he kept saying (along with Kenny Smith) that the Grizz weren't adjusting to CP3 but they tried, that's why they switched defenders on him. The Clips adjusted to their defense to Conley's slashing by going smaller/faster defenders but that backfired on them because none of them could defend Marc Gasol on that drop pass.

He's letting his negative bias color his analysis because like Shaq said, it's one game at a time. Clips won't always go CP3 (like in Game 1) but in close games, that's the best option... and it was close the last few minutes so of course that's what they run. I also think he's a bit hurt because he picked Memphis over the Clips and the Clips are much better than he thought.

I still don't know how anyone picks Memphis over the Clips. Memphis lost Rudy Gay, their best scorer, and the Clips got Chauncey back, added Jamal (who should have been 6th Man), Barnes, Willie Green and veteran leadership in Grant Hill... how does that favor Memphis? Even during the season, Clips beat them 3-1 (2 at Memphis). 

We'll see the Clips in Round 2 (they might even sweep Memphis) and I want to hear what Charles (and Kenny Smith) say then (or maybe they should just stick to their little skits).

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