Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Overhyped products of 2010?

ZDNet had an interesting article:


5. iPad
4. Kinect
3. Galaxy Tab
2. Google TV
1. 3DTV

I can sort of agree about the iPad... there is a lot of hype... but it does what it says it does and most people are happy with it.

I don't understand the Kinect entry. It does what it says and in fact, I think it's the best motion system out right now. It's sort of what Wii did to console gaming... Kinect is doing to motion gaming... making it easier for anyone to play. Since I have 2 PS3s and a Wii... the last thing I wanted to do was buy an Xbox.... but the Kinect made it hard not to... and now we have 2 TVs in our family room.... one is dedicated to the Kinect.

I don't really think the Galaxy Tab is overhyped... just overpriced. It's running an open source OS, is only a 7" screen and it cost MORE than an Apple product? Since when does Apple become the more economical buy?

Considering GoogleTV just came out recently... how can it be overhyped.

3DTV definitely belongs at the top of the list. I don't think I'll ever get one until they can do it without the glasses.

Some of the comments argue that Windows Phone 7 should be on that list... and that might be true. But after playing with it this past weekend, it's actually a slick mobile OS. But like RIM, playing catchup with iOS and Android is going to be tough.

The Droid Pro is almost like my dream phone, they just need to add the optical pad on there and put it on Sprint. I really want to get an Android phone, I just don't like the ones out right now... I'll take an Incredible if it was on Sprint.

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