Friday, July 16, 2010


I haven't blogged lately due to many things... the one main thing being laziness. I understand this is something many bloggers go through and was hoping not to succumb to it.

I also think not having many shows to watch blows my one weekly blog post I used to do. Warehouse 13 started up again and I really like that show but I don't watch much else. I've also been on vacation for a few weeks so while I still surfed the web, I kept most of my communication to a minimum. So just a few observances while I was gone:

1. iPhone 4 came out and sold billions. I visited 3 Apple stores and no one has it. I got mine finally from Best Buy but it was 3 weeks after the release and I had pre-ordered it a week before... I was quite the Hulk.

2. Samsung Galaxy S phones are coming out under different names, Vibrant on T-Mobile, Captivate on AT&T and I forget on Verizon and Sprint. I saw the Vibrant at a T-Mobile store and it's impressive. The one for Sprint is going to be 4G and have the slide-out keyboard.

3. Is it just me or is HTC+Sprint/Verizon dumb for not keeping the EVO and Incredible in stock? These are the few phones they could have sold more of before the iPhone 4 came out and they didn't capitalize on it. Now that i4 is out, they will probably be getting more inventory but now they are going to face competition from within their own Android offerings (Droid X, Galaxy S etc etc). Boo.

4. Speaking of, Droid X is supposed to be out in a few days. But why get that when you can get an EVO on 4G?

5. My search for Smalls (my mini notebook) may be coming to an end. Toshiba (one of the companies I despised because their keyboard layouts were lame) has released the Portege 700 series and it's very nice and affordable for all the features it has. It's not exactly a real Smalls since it has a screen bigger than 12" and an optical drive but it's close.

6. Looks like WUXGA (1920x1200) is going the way of the dodo bird. Dell's newest Latitude line only goes up to 1080p or FHD (1920x1080). Why did notebooks adopt TV's 16:9 aspect ratio? I'm getting less screen real estate for no reason.

7. Is it just me or is 3D TV overhyped? I don't even watch the 3D movies (it seems like every family film is in 3D nowadays) in the theatres. If I wanted to pay a premium to wear expensive glasses, I would not have got contact lenses... bleh.

8. UFC 116 was awesome and one of the best shows this year. All matches were good and who would have thought Brock would use a submission to win? I'm looking forward to the Silva/Shonnen match but I think The Spider will still win.

9. Warehouse 13 is even better this season... although the characters have changed a bit. Myka is softer, Pete is dorkier, Leena is damaged... and Claudia is funnier... she said "Boom goes the dynamite!"... hehe.

10. Tell all those Android phone makers to stop getting rid of the optical trackpad button. It's the one thing that helps differentiate it from iPhone and also gives Blackberry users something familiar. I'm still waiting for an Android phone with the physical keyboard in a form factor like the Blackberry, Palm Pixi or my Palm Treo Pro. Just make the keyboard really small and the screen really big (and of course include the optical trackpad).

Oh... and why "Ghost?" for my title. We have this thing where when people disappear at work, we say they turned into ghosts... that's what happened to me on this blog.

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