Wednesday, June 9, 2010

TV: Weekly Musings

So it's the end of the Fall season and I'll start adding some summer series (thank goodness for Cable):

Flash Forward: So predictable... of course there will another blackout right afterward. And why are the guys who planted the explosives not trying to leave (or did they not plant them?)? FF is canceled but at least this ended better than Journeyman, The Bionic Woman, Sarah Connor and My Own Worst Enemy.

Stargate Universe: Ahh... so LaBamba is a dick because he was brainwashed. And now he's going to help Young and friends? And when did McGyver get so serious? He's comic fodder one episode and then Mr. Collateral Damage the next... boo. LaBamba might die in the season finale... along with maybe a Destiny passenger. This is a very good show and I hope to see more seasons of it.

The Ultimate Fighter: Tito is out, Franklin is in. Who is the assistant coach? I'm not sure Red team's lone survivor, McCray, has what it takes. I'm not particularly impressed by any of the fighters this season... Yager was interesting but last week showed he can't take as much as he can dish. I think I'll pick Bryant over McCray and Tavares over McGee. The Tavares/McGee fight is close but I think experience will win here.

EDIT: Whoah... 0 for 2... I suck at picking winners. Bryant was too tentative and it looks like Court really wants it more. I'll pick Court for the win next Saturday... and Franklin over Lidell this Saturday.

I'm watching Burn Notice this week, maybe someone out there has some recommendations on what else to watch.

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