Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nintendo goes 3D... S, PS3 starts to Move and iPhone pre-orders are killing server farms.

At the 2nd day of E3, Nintendo's keynote introduced us to the new 3DS, with glasses-free 3D, an analog control pad and the ability to play videos:

More details at: http://e3.nintendo.com/3ds/

Sony shows us their new motion-based controller... the Move: It's kind of like an ice cream on a Wii-mote:

I wonder how this will compete with Xbox360's no-controller motion system? More info at:

And... today is iPreOrder day... but you'll have a hard time getting it online from Apple and AT&T as there have been many reports of delays, no responses etc etc. And trying to go to a local store is just as bad as AT&T has made an official announcement that they have sold out of their launch day pre-order inventory and a visit to my local Best Buy shows pre-order numbers higher than what they are rumored to get.

Must be nice to be able to print money like Steve Jobs can.

I think Verizon and Sprint should really get on HTC about not making enough EVOs and Incredibles. They have this huge demand before the next iPhone release because when it does... demand for their best phones will wane (well... the Droid X is supposed to hit before then on VZW).

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