Friday, August 24, 2012

UFC 151 Cancelled

So this is how I understand it:

1. Hendo gets injured, tells UFC yesterday and pulls out.

2. Dana tries to get Machida as a replacement but can't.

3. Dana White talks to Chael Sonnen who agrees to fight Bones in 8 days.

4. Dana White tells Bones, who consults with his coaches, and turns it down because 8 days is not enough time to train for a new opponent.

5. Dana and friends cancel UFC 151.

6. Dana gets Machida to agree to a fight Bones at UFC 152 on Sept 22, and Bones agrees (4 weeks is enough time).

7. Machida decides to cancel because he doesn't think 4 weeks is enough time.

8. Now Belfort will be Bones' new opponent on Sept 22.

9. But Dana blames Bones for why they had to cancel UFC 151 (and yet does not mention Machida mesing up the 152 card, who had more time to train).

And, to throw more into the drama... supposedly Hendo was injured 3 weeks ago, tried to train through it, Sonnen knew about it and that's why he was egging Bones on during that same time period.

So why does Dana blame Jon Jones? And why do people think this will hurt Jon Jones' popularity with his fans? I think Jones made the right decision... and I think Dana is getting too caught up in the hate because he had to lose money by cancelling UFC 151.

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