Thursday, December 15, 2011

Netbooks No More?

Has anyone noticed fewer and fewer netbooks at your local computer store?

At Best Buy, there was once an entire row dedicated to netbooks... now I can only find 3 of them tucked away in a corner. Where they used to be are not one... but FOUR rows of e-readers and tablets.

As I said in a previous article,, I think netbooks are going to be replaced by tablets or ultrabooks. With tablets trending down in prices (less than $200) and people wanting more power out of a netbook (ala an ultrabook), I just don't see that category lasting very long. I'm sure there will still be people who want a 10" notebook... but that type of product may just get absorbed into the ultrabook fold.

Even Dell has cut their consumer line of netbooks:

Oh well... it was a good... uh... 4 years (wow... it's been that long?) but you can blame Apple and Intel for your demise.

RIP Netbooks.

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