Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The iEvent (the Apple one... not the NBC TV series)

You can catch the liveblog over at Engadget:

Everything was pretty much predicted:

1. iOS 4.1 (with a preview of iOS 4.2)
2. New Shuffle (the buttons are back)
3. New Nano (no more clickwheel, small square form factor, touchscreen, no more video camera)
4. New Touch (Retina Display, front and rear cameras to support FaceTime video chat)
5. New iTunes 10
6. New Apple TV (not iTV... yet) and for only $99!

I think their big misstep was the new Nano. Now it's TOO small. They should get Robin Williams to do an ad for it and call it the "NanoNano". If they really wanted to add a touchscreen, keep it the same screen size as the prev Nano (keeping it rectangular) and add the touchscreen functions, instead of 2x2 you could do 3x2 giving you more options per page. I can understand removing the camera due to the form factor but removing video playback (rumored) basically makes this a Shuffle with a screen... boo.

I like the new Apple TV... they are trying to compete with the expanding category of TV streaming devices like the WD HD TV, Asus O|Air and other HD content media players (as well as built-in streaming in TVs and of course Google TV).

No mention of Verizon iPhone or the rumored antenna design fix (other than a bumper/case of course).

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